Baghdad Baby Boy

a song, scored for soprano, piano & optional cello [2007]
Peter Wesley-Smith (lyric) and Martin Wesley-Smith (music)

first performance:
April 2007 at the Kangaroo Valley Arts Festival

Yvonne Kenny, soprano

free downloads:
MIDI; score; cello part

Baghdad baby in your bed
dream no dreams, dread no dread
scream no screams, our hearts are free
Saddam's sons will leave you be
Baghdad baby boy

Baghdad baby on the breast
safe and sound, ever blessed
look around, you'll always be
proud of your democracy
guns abound, that's as before
teething troubles, nothing more
Baghdad baby boy

Baghdad baby, lie quite still
napalm burns, missiles kill
baby yearns for calm and peace
huge explosions never cease
more invaders at the door
more crusaders, civil war
out of mind, out of sight
they won't find you, you're alright
Baghdad baby boy

Baghdad baby, hold your breath
bombs can maim, bombs bring death
presidents claim the rule of law
then they blame eternal war
devastation fouls the air
radiation everywhere
air crews haul uranium
blow us all to kingdom come
don't be scared of anarchy
they've declared it liberty
Baghdad baby boy

Baghdad baby in your bed
dream your dreams, dread your dread
scream your screams 'til judgement day
shrapnel blew your world away
Baghdad baby boy