Eyeless in Gaza

a song, scored for soprano, piano & cello [2009],
Peter Wesley-Smith (lyric) and Martin Wesley-Smith (music)

first performance: Sat 7th February 2009
Yarrawa Estate, Kangaroo Valley, NSW Australia [tel: +61 (0)2 4465 1165]

Nicole Thomson, soprano; Yevkin Varbedian, piano; Rachel Scott, cello

free downloads:
MIDI; score; piano part; cello part

eyeless in Gaza
no one can see
pleading for mercy
on broken knee
way out of vision
way out of mind
watch the unsighted
leading the blind

armless in Gaza
no hands, no wrists
vanished forever
though there be fists
standing defiant
here on the brink
can't join together
no arms to link

headless in Gaza
bodies don't move
nothing to plead for
nothing to prove
corpses in silence
women and men
cry out for vengeance
over and over again